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Your Birth Month Can Tell You What Kind of Woman You Are

Keep reading to find out what your birth month says about your personality.


Known for their ambition, determination and reserved demeanor, she hardly ever lets on about what is going in inside her minds. She is also patient and craves the company of those who can make intelligent and meaningful conversation.


A lover of everything to do with romance, it is important that you are patient with her because her mood swings are just a part of who she is. If you ever lie to her, she will leave you for good.


Charismatic and charming, she is also characterized by her dedication and loyalty. She might seem flighty but if you ever get on her wrong side, you’ll find out how serious she truly is about the things that are important to her.



Diplomatic and easy to talk to, there are times when she indulges in self-pity. Her jealousy sometimes gets the better of her and she can be a danger to those around her. But she has a talent for making others happy.


She’s pretty and determined but she’s not always easy to deal with. If she gives you her heart and you do anything to hurt her, you can be sure that she won’t ever forget the way you’ve wronged her.


Characterized by her creativity and curiosity, she also firmly believes that the truth should always be told, even if it is painful. She can be manipulative at times so men should be careful around her.


She’s truthful but she rarely lets other people in and so there is always an aura of mystery about her. Her intelligence and beauty are a cut above everyone else’s. If you get her, don’t lose her because she will love you like no one else can.


A walking contradiction, she is both selfless and prideful. She never lets herself lose at anything because she can’t bear it when people make fun of her. She also likes being in the center of attention.


Her kindness knows no bounds but she will never forget a betrayal. She will go out seeking vengeance against anyone who causes her pain. If you’re in a relationship with her, understand that she is in it for the long run.



Strong and independent, she might seem stoic but she is actually feels more than she lets on. She hates being taken advantage of so she doesn’t let many people get close to her.


Everyone around her is always a step behind her. She’s an expert at pointing out falsehoods so there is not point playing games with her.


She’s not very patient but even though she speeds through life, she always comes out on top. Her presence can light up any room and even the most reserved of people quickly fall prey to her charm. If you cause her pain, you will be paid back ten times over.


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