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A Spiritual Cleansing Meditation With Flowers + Crystals To Get In Sync With Spring

The energy spring time fills us with is much like the name implies; it makes us want to spring back to life. A surge of enthusiasm inspires all sorts of plans.

We want to clean, workout, fix up our space, maybe get back into that old hobby we left behind. While this revitalized impulse is a powerful motivator, if we don’t focus that energy into an intention, we can end up squandering it and doing nothing at all.

This spiritual cleansing meditation with flowers and crystals is the perfect way to cleanse your spirit of any left over, stagnant energy, and create a transformational spring intention.

What you’ll learn:

  • What an active cleansing meditation is.
  • How to use flowers to uplift the spirit.
  • Why Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz should be your go-to crystals this spring.

This is an active cleansing meditation. That means it is less about the mind mimicking the stillness of the body, and more about focusing on mindful actions. The actions you’ll perform in this meditation are simple, and seemingly mindless movements. But as you focus on the practice, your mind clears of everything else. So any stress or anxiety that has been plaguing you fades into the background.

The peace this brings is enhanced by the flowers and crystals you also work with in this cleansing meditation and spiritual bathing technique to give yourself a blessing. Flowers carry an uplifting energy. They brighten the spirit with joy, and activate both your sense of smell and touch. Using crystals will instill positive light within the soul, while also working to ground your motivation.

Try this spiritual cleansing meditation early in spring to help you to make the most of this energetically charged season!

spiritual cleansing meditation-flowers

A Floral Spiritual Cleansing Meditation

What you’ll need:

  • a bowl
  • a pitcher or bottle filled with water
  • a Clear Quartz stone or a Rose Quartz stone (or both!)
  • 9 different flowers or herbs – if you can, enhance the energy of this meditation by choosing plants and flowers that are aligned with your intention. Here’s a list of some of the floral meanings. 
  • a timer

Spiritual Cleansing Meditation Steps:

  1. Gather all your “ritual ingredients” in a quiet area where you can remain undisturbed for the 11 minutes.
  2. The first thing you want to do is program your crystal. Hold it in your hands and ask out loud that they hold the intention to welcome new opportunities with fresh optimism. The intention is yours to make, so alter it to suit your needs and desires.
  3. Fill your bowl with water.
  4. Place your crystal in the bowl of water.
  5. Set a timer for 11 minutes.
  6. Now comes the active meditation part. Select petals and leaves from the various plants in your assortment, and place them in the bowl. Using your hands, rip the plants into smaller and smaller pieces. Continue this action for the full 11 minutes, adding more petals if you need to. Keep the energy of your intention in mind as you continue to rip in silence.
  7. When your 11 minutes have finished, remove your hands from the mixture, and again place them over the bowl. Sit quietly for a moment, allowing yourself feel gratitude for these flowers and stones, and the abundant healing energy they have blessed you with. Use one of the leftover stems or leaves to spritz your face and body with the charged water.
  8. Remove your crystals from the programmed water, and set them on a sacred altar or somewhere that you can easily see each day. These will be your touchstones when you begin to lose sight of your intention, and visual reminders of your goals.
  9. Take the mixture of charged water, leaves and petals, and bring it either into the bath, the shower, or even outdoors. Pour the water over your head, allowing it to run down over the rest of your body. If you’re in a bath, stay in it and watch as the water flows down the drain. Visualize the water carrying any excess, unwanted energy down with it. Then hop into the shower for a quick rinse of any lingering energy this practice may have drudged up.

Try this spiritual cleansing meditation and let us know what you experienced in the comments below!


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