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Sociopaths and Narcissists Use These 5 Phrases to Make You Feel Worthless

Can you identify a person with narcissistic or sociopathic traits? You might have even come across a couple of them in life without even realizing it.

It’s important to distinguish that all sociopaths are narcissists, but not all narcissists are sociopaths.

Many aspects of their personalities overlap, but the motives behind their actions are very different.

A sociopath tries to control every detail of your life, whereas a narcissist only cares about shifting all attention to himself. They’re also similarly manipulative in trying to get what they want.

These are the 5 most common sentences that narcissists and sociopaths use to make you feel bad about yourself:

1. I hate drama

They emphasize their dislike for drama, but if you look closer, their life is full of it. They praise and idealize you, making it seem as though you’re above everyone else, but are in fact pathological liars, serial adulterers and very good at playing the victim. This is, however, very difficult to discern in the beginning. At the slightest mention of frustration or worry on your part, they manipulate you into feeling as though you’re causing unnecessary drama.

2. You’re….

Crazy, jealous, overreacting, bipolar and so on. When the tensions seem to escalate, it’s when you start throwing around these names. In the beginning they complain on how their ex, colleagues and friends are crazy, jealous or bitter, and if they got dumped they’ll probably claim their ex is still in love with them. But after they’re done with you, you’ll be thrown in that crazy pile all the same.

3. You’re too sensitive

After all the flattery and compliments, suddenly comes the cold shoulder. They ignore you for days for no reason, and it’s all a part of their plan to see how you react to it all. When they finally manage to provoke you, they throw the ball and accuse you of being too sensitive. As the relationship progresses, they’ll begin to criticize and insult you in a subtle, joking way. They will push your boundaries up to the point where reacting is inevitable, and it will sound crazy. In a very short time you’ll go from an open, easy-going person to a pile of insecurities and self-doubt.

4. You misunderstood

This one is a favorite. Narcissists and sociopaths choose their words carefully to provoke a reaction. If you react, they’ll end up using it against you, and more often than not, they’ll deny the whole thing. This method is called slighting- manipulating someone using psychological games, to a point where they question their own sanity.

5. You can’t live without me

The main goal of narcissists and sociopaths for playing all these games, is to bring you to a state where you think you can’t live without them. And they do it all not to build a healthy relationship, but to gain control over you. But you mustn’t let anyone do this to you, because they always end up leaving you all alone, depressed and miserable, and no one is worth it.


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