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Realize Everything Is Energy: Regaining Your Power As A Creator

Those who live in harmony with themselves, live in harmony with the universe.

Harmony is agreement, peace, friendship – the polyphony of infinite frequencies. Waves of light and energy vibrating constantly and endlessly, resonating deeply through – and as – All That Is.

Everything is energy.

Scientists and mystics unite in this truth.

The cutting edge in physics states that all matter consist of tiny vibrating strings of energy. Some physicists also claim that everything consists of an intelligent field of consciousness. Energy has a frequency and a wavelength – vibration is everywhere. Only a small part of all this energy is within the spectrum that we can sense through seeing and hearing.

We are still connected to everything and we receive and send out infinite amounts of frequencies all the time. We interact through so much more than just sight and hearing.

Existence is a great field of conscious energy where all parts of creation – All That Is – plays the greatest symphony ever played. There are infinite voices and instruments making up One grand orchestra. Harmony, dissonance, and everything in between is always and already available everywhere.

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