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How OLD is Your SOUL? Take the Most-Accurate TEST in the World and Find Out!

Do you believe souls are eternal? If they are, how can we call them “young“, “mature” or “old“? Souls don’t have an age, there just exist different levels of maturity of the soul.

Soulful maturity is our ability to connect with our inner selves and explore our own being that exists beyond our socially conditioned identity.

According to Buddhists, the soul can be reborn in two ways: involuntarily under the influence of ‘karma’, because of destructive emotions and desires.

The second way is less known to most, and according to this some of us are able to pick the place and time of their rebirth, as well as their parents, through the power of compassion and meditation. The soul can also be reincarnated as either human or animal.

And according to Jainism, when a being dies, his jiva (soul) attaches itself to the closest body, which can be human, animal or neither. The quality of the soul’s next life is determined by its Karma and the mental state at the time of death. A calm and contented death, focused on the spiritual, is best. A soul achieves deliverance when it’s free from all Karma.

The Jews and early Christians also held a belief in reincarnation, as do many tribes of Africa, Bali, Hawaii and Australia.

Take the quiz below and find out for yourself if you’re an old soul or a young one, when your soul was born and where, Ancient Egypt or maybe the Renaissance?!

Check it out!

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