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3 Ways to Recharge Your Energy Using Crystals

Crystals are a great tool for therapeutic, awakening and elevating your vibration. When I first began on my spiritual journey it took me some time to seriously appreciate the energy of your crystal.

When you find a crystal that basically resonates along and that you are feeling really drawn to, you are known by you have found the correct one.

For a long time, I selected crystals predicated on the written metaphysical properties and for reasons uknown they always sensed “off” if you ask me. When I started out choosing crystals predicated on feeling alone, that is when I noticed their amazing capabilities truly.

Crystals include a powerful energy for assisting you to recharge your own vibration and link with Soul.

Here are three ways to use your crystals to recharge:

Mind, Body, Soul Recharge

Ideal for an all-over recharge for your time, best done before foundation just.

1.) Choose 3 crystals that resonate with you- one for your brain, one for the body and one for your soul. Ensure that your crystals are cleansed.

2.) Contain the physical body crystal in your palm and established your intention in to the stone. Whisper what result or sense you want to create in your physical body. Contain the stone near you as you repeat and feel your intention. Continue doing this process for your brain and heart crystals as well.

3.) After arranging your intention into the crystals, sleeping with them under your cushion or because of your bedside.

Positive Energy Recharge

Ideal for recharging your time after being around a poor person or situation.


1.) Choose 2 powerful, cleansed crystals that resonate along with you and place them in each palm. Gently close your hand round the crystals and breathe.

2.) As your breathe have the energy of the crystal upgrading through your hands and going around your complete body. Feel the stunning, vibes of the crystal cleaning and clearing your power and aura.

3.) Keep inhaling through the cleaning before energy of the crystal has travelled to all of the body.

4.) Cleanse your crystals if needed once you are done.

Home- Empowerment Chakra Recharge

Perfect for if you are lacking assurance in yourself.

1.) Choose one crystal that resonates along with you and stick it out to be billed in the sun rays for at least thirty minutes. Alternatively, you can pick 7 crystals – one for every single chakra.

2.) After the crystal has been incurred, start massaging it in the middle of your hands to create heat plus more energy.

3.) When you feel the high temperature or demand of the crystal, place the hands over your main chakra or pelvis area (touch your skin layer not your clothes). Permit the energy to sink directly into this certain portion of your body.

4.) When the energy is experienced by you has removed in, rub the crystal again and stick it on your nextchakra.  Keep repeating this technique until you did all 7 chakras.


Happy recharging!



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