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Magical Full Moon In Pisces On September 6th – Spiritualizing Matter To Fulfill Our Mission!

This Full Moon falls in Pisces on September 6.

The eclipse of August 21, has affected deeply the majority of signs and will continue to do so for 2 to 3 years.

Therefore, this full moon does not fully show the fruits of last moon, as it usually happens in every lunar cycle. In short, it does not mature after two weeks, but will show at least the next step to arrive at maturation each of us is called to.

Every planet facing at 28° the  sign of the Leo where the eclipse took place, (especially in conjunction) will further activate its effect.

On, September 2, those degrees have been activated by Mars and Mercury Retrograde in conjunction with each other, so old mental dynamics will be shown, dynamics related to fear and limiting beliefs that might have been covered up by a mask of arrogance.

On September 5th, while Mars and Mercury are still joined in the sign of the Leo and connected to the North Lunar Knot, the Moon is in opposition to the degrees of eclipse, in the Aquarius sign and joined to the Southern Lunar Knot. Therefor to Karma, to the past. The eclipse is reactivated, pushing us towards an evolving way to give the best of ourselves.

It is always good to consider that every planetary vibration always has two facets, so the evolutionary one to which we are all called by Mars and Mercury is to look with courage (Mars) all the masks that our ego has worn to hide our fears born from old mental conditioning (Mercury).

Having courage means being honest with yourself all the way!

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