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Soul Tree Astrology: Which Tree Did Your Soul Fall From? The Answer Depends On Your Birth Date

Apple Tree

Many people love you because you’re a pleasant soul with a great deal of charm. You are always in love and you always crave to be loved.


Ash Tree

You are ambitious, tough and don’t take no for an answer. You don’t take criticism well, and tend to be a bit demanding.

You may be stubborn at times but you care deeply about the people in your life.


Beech Tree

Your superficial nature grants you great taste, but your love of materialism may also create financial issues.

You tend to avoid unnesissary risks, and make a great leader.  You are also a loyal lifetime partner.


Birch Tree

You’re elegant yet friendly and modest. You enjoy the natural world and dispise vulgarity.

What you lack in passion you make up for in imagination.


Cedar Tree

You are a friendly, adaptable and outgoing person who loves the luxuruious things in life.

You are kind, don’t look down on others and are typically in good health.


Chestnut Tree

You are unusual and free-spirited, uncaring about impressing others. Your strong sense of justice and interesting personality attracts people to you, but you are easily irritated.

You often feel misunderstood and may suffer a superiority complex at times.


Cypress Tree

You are a strong soul capable of adapting to many circumstances. Your lust for money and passion may complicate your ability to find satisfaction in life.


Elm Tree

You are a pleasant and tasteful individual full of cheer. You enjoy making decisions for others, but you struggle taking orders from others.

You are very noble, but you aren’t very forgiving of others’ mistakes.


Fig Tree

You are strong and independent but tend to struggle when it comes to seeing other perspectives.

You are a social butterfly who loves life and sharing it with others, although beware you don’t neglect too many friendships.


Fir Tree

You are both stubborn and ambitious, earning you many friends as well as foes.

You have very dignified tastes and enjoy the sophisticated things in life.


Hazlenut Tree

You are a charming, honest, understanding person who fights for social justice. You are popular among your peers, although you can get moody at times.

Your good sense of judgment and tolerant nature makes you a great partner.


Hormbeam Tree

Your laid back beautiful personality is further complimented by your conscientious nature.

You need a kind and emotional life partner to create the comfortable and structured life you crave.


Lime Tree

You accept what life throws your way, as you hate confrontation, this means you often make sacrifices for others that impact your own ability to grow and succeed.

While you tend to be very loyal you can also harbor feelings of jealousy and resentment.


Maple Tree

Deep down you are full of self-confidence but you often come off as shy.

You are very ambitious and always on the hunt for new experiences.


Oak Tree

You are strong, independent, sensible and you don’t like change.

You are best described as someone with their head in the clouds and feet on solid ground.


Olive Tree

You are a kind, un-jealous and reasonable person that loves basking in the sun’s warmth.

Your balanced, tolerant and calm personality typically avoids aggression, although you have a strong sense of justice and will fight for what is right. You tend to surround yourself with sophisticated people.


Poplar Tree

You lack confidence despite your striking beauty, both inside and out. You know how to be courageous when necessary.

You are picky about those you surround yourself with, which can leave you feeling lonely. Your organized, artistic nature craves pleasant surroundings and a reliable partner.


Pine Tree

Your strong personality is suited perfectly by outgoing, fun people. While you are a great companion, you are not always the friendliest person.

You fall in love quickly but it doesn’t always last, as you tend to give up when challenges get too hard.

Beware that your disappointments don’t sidetrack you from reaching your full potential.


Rowan Tree

You are blessed with many gifts and a charming quality, yet despite your talents you remain humble.

You make great company as an independent, lover of life, full of passion and emotions; although, you tend to hold grudges.


Walnut Tree

You are ambitious, noble and kind-hearted, albeit rather spontaneous. You are rather aggressive and at times egotistical.

While often admired, you aren’t always the most well liked person in the room.


Weeping Willow Tree

You are a beautiful and honest soul; a dreamer who enjoys traveling. You may battle sadness from time to time, partly because you are very empathetic to the feelings of those around you.

While your intentions are pure and you have a kind soul, you tend to be demanding and can be difficult to live with.


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