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Highly Intelligent People Are A Bunch Of Messy, Cursing Night Owls

Hell yeah we are!
For the very first time in the annals of permanently, our parents were wrong.
Growing up I’m sure we’ve all possessed shared activities about being demanded to completely clean our rooms, getting yelled out for muttering “shit” under our breathing and pressured into foundation at 9 p.m. Our parents advised us these things were bad collectively, and we’d to learn never to do them.
Well a few recent studies driven that those hour-long lectures were kinda packed with shit.

messy-roomKnowledge has finally given us something to get back to your parents that’s not a C on a written report card. Recent studies have shown that folks who swear a complete lot, stay up past due and also have messy desks are in fact more sensible than most (a.k.a you do-gooders with tidy rooms and clean mouths who never skipped curfew).
If you were unintentionally falling the f-bomb before father and mother always, it isn’t because you’re the cool rebel you thought you were. A report this past year found that folks who swear already have a larger vocabulary then people who don’t, AND tend to be self-assured.
Messy rooms which were once an indicator of your unproductive and disorganized life, may be observed as an indicator of intelligence. A couple of years ago, experts found that folks who functioned at a sloppy desk made more interesting and strategies and a determination to use of unconventional norms.
So the next time someone orders you to tidy up, politely remind that them that the week-old handbag of Doritos on your workplace is essential for your creative brain.
And finally, medical tests proven that nights owls showed the sort of smarts that lead to exclusive job game titles and higher earnings. Quite simply, things you can brag about at the next senior high school reunion when everyone remembers you as a child who was simply always sleeping in second period.
So if your mommy is STILL attempting to offer shit for being the badass, foul-mouthed, untidy, late-night babe you are, then it might be time to send her back to science class. You could have every to feel confident to be just who you are.

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